December 8, 2023
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In this blog article, we collected the most frequently asked questions about Aroi Restaurants, our online reservation system destined to increase your number of reservations and improve your online presence! 

For the record, when you are subscribing to Aroi Restaurants, you will be provided with:

  • A Reservation Widget to put on your Website and Social Media (We help you set up the widget!)
  • A Reserve a table button on Google Maps to get more reservations easily
  • A Mobile App to manage your guest’s reservations
  • Marketing Promotion to boost your online presence on social media and increase your review numbers!

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

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How will my customers know about the Aroi reservation system to book a table at my restaurant?

There are many ways your guests can find out about your Aroi reservation system to book a table at your restaurants:

  • Firstly, they can see the Reserve a Table button when looking for a restaurant on Google Maps!
  • Secondly, they can see on your social media the widget link you can set up to your profile, social media posts, and automatic reply!
  • Thirdly, your guests can go directly to your restaurant’s website to book a table on your Aroi widget
  • Last but not least, your customers can also book a table directly on our Aroi Restaurants website!

How does the Aroi Reservation system bring more reservations to my restaurant?

Aroi Restaurants is a useful tool that will bring more reservations to your restaurants. Indeed, unlike phone calls, our Reservation System is available 24/7 and allows your staff to manage your reservations easily. Flexible, it improves your online presence and encourages your guests to leave a review on our website and Google Business profile. 

Is there a reservation limit and do we take commissions on each reservation?

No, and no! We imagined Aroi Restaurants as a real B2B tool that will help all restaurants get more reservations and benefit from it. Unlike our competitors, we do not believe in taking commissions on each reservation. Moreover, there is no limit on reservations as well!

How do I put the “Reserve a table” button on Google Maps?

To benefit from the “Reserve a Table” button on Google Maps, you just need to fill out a small form that takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete and create a Google Business Profile. After this, we take care of everything else and you will benefit from the “Reserve a Table” button 48 hours after adding you to the platform!

How do I put the Reservation Widget on my website and social media?

You can easily add your widget link to your social media bio, your social media post captions, and your email signature, as well as set up your automatic response with your widget link! The widget is also customizable according to your restaurant’s brand identity and easy to integrate into your website!

Not familiar with technologies and social media? No worries! We help you set up the widget on all your social media platforms and website!

How do I manage all my reservations?

You and your staff can easily manage all your reservations on our Mobile App:

  • Accept, keep it pending, and decline your guest’s reservations
  • View all your guests’ details such as their names, phone number, email address, message to the restaurants, their reservation history in your restaurants…
  • Don’t miss any information thanks to the notifications and calendar! 
  • Keep an eye on your reservations’ statistics: How many reservations accepted/rejected/no-shows or cancellations have you got this month?
  • Edit your opening hours and easily block reservations on the Mobile Application!

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