Top 5 places you should consider to take your lover out

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A special occasion is near, and you want to do something special for your partner, but you are confused and overwhelmed with the number of places that google has suggested for you. Sounds familiar? Dining experience should be worthwhile especially between you and your lover, and here we have brought you these five amazing places that you should consider and try to win your lover’s heart!

Le Normandie Restaurant at Mandarin Oriental

With the feeling of luxuriousness, this is one of the great choices out of all the restaurants in bangkok. This restaurant gives out a calm, cool and romantic atmosphere for the couple. Apart from giving an amazing dining experience, it also comes with the great view of the Chao Phraya River and the photos come out great. The staff are kind and take care of their guests while providing comfort and privacy. The meal is great and is known for best french european meals. The booking can be made online as well as in traditional methods. 

Sirocco restaurant

Rooftop restaurants are great in giving a nice experience as well as amazing meals, especially for the couple who are looking for a lavishing atmosphere. The restaurant provides a stunning view from the rooftop that can be worthwhile and romantic just as what you wanted. The food provides a different range of cuisines such as European, Asian and Mediterranean. It is one of the best attracting tourist places as well and couples can have a great time together especially for dinner.

Le Du Restaurant

Although the restaurant may sound French, it does not follow French rituals. By that it means that the cuisines are not limited to French food, and it has a variety of wine in the wine bar which is a good choice for couples who are looking forward to drinking. This restaurant is located in Silom. Le Du restaurant is known for good starters as well and the couple loves to hang out together here.

Red Oven

Red oven is known for its diverse food available from different part of the world that serves to its customers including, Japanese, Chinese, Thai and many more. The menu is set to the international level so for couples who are looking to explore more of their options and want to try different types of food, this place is surely recommended for you. This restaurant also provides discounts so keep checking with it.

Issaya Siamese Club

Source: Issaya Siamese Club | Bangkok Dining |

For a great view being the priority, this restaurant has set its place as romantic and in an extraordinary way that may give out the honeymoon feels. The couples are treated with respect and the sitting arrangements as well as food gives out royalty vibes. This restaurant is well known for Asian and Thai cuisines only, but the structure of the building gives out posh from its gorgeous interior designing. Apart from the food, the cocktails are not to be missed out at.

Overall, these places can make your visits worthwhile and can enhance your relationship with your significant other just by making the right decisions. Before you make a reservation, do not forget to the check the opening and closing time of such places so you can be carefree from all the advanced plans.

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