Aroi's Product Roadmap: A Glimpse into the Future

At Aroi, we're committed to continuous innovation, crafting a platform that empowers restaurants and elevates their digital presence. Our product roadmap is a testament to this commitment, brimming with exciting features designed to meet the evolving needs of the restaurant industry.

Enhancing the Mobile App Experience

Seamless Website Updates

February, 2024

Empower restaurants to update their websites directly with engaging stories and events, fostering a dynamic online presence.

Cross-Posting to Social Media

February, 2024

Amplify reach by seamlessly sharing stories and events across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, maximizing visibility and engaging a wider audience.

Online Menu Integration

February, 2024

Offer guests a convenient and interactive way to view menus through a dedicated online platform or QR code, accessible directly from the website. Easy updates from the app ensure menus are always up-to-date, accommodating special offers and seasonal changes.

Direct Guest Marketing

February, 2024

Leverage the app's powerful communication tools to launch targeted email campaigns, nurturing relationships with existing guests and driving repeat business.

AI-Enhanced Reviews & Streamlined Review Process

February, 2024

Empower guests to effortlessly share their experiences with AI-generated reviews, offering valuable feedback with minimal effort.

A Differentiated Approach

Restaurant-Centric Focus

February, 2024

Unlike competitors, Aroi prioritizes the needs of restaurants, eliminating unnecessary promotions and points systems. Our focus is on providing tailored solutions that drive direct bookings and maximize revenue.

Website and Social Media Optimization

February, 2024

We work directly with restaurants to optimize their websites and social media channels, leveraging existing platforms to build brand awareness and drive traffic.

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